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The best method of storing magic mushrooms

How to Store Magic Mushrooms

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Whether you just harvested from a grow kit, or just finished drying your mushrooms, chances are there will be some leftovers that will need to be stored. Considering the high water content of mushrooms, they do not have the longest shelf life. Correctly storing them will preserve the psilocybin compound and will ensure that they can be enjoyed in the future. Mushrooms can be stored either fresh or, even better, dried.

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Ways to Store Magic Mushrooms

Storing fresh magic mushrooms in fridge

Fresh Magic Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms can simply be stored in the fridge, either in an airtight container or a paper bag. These simple refrigeration techniques can help preserve your fresh magic mushrooms for up to 2 weeks. Vacuum-sealing your fresh mushrooms before storing them in the refrigerator could extend their shelf life to 3 months. According to Psychedelic Experience, vacuum sealing your mushrooms will “reduce the risk of oxidation and allow fresh mushrooms to stay potent longer”.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Drying magic mushrooms will extend their shelf life. But just because they are dried, does not mean they will not spoil. With proper storage, dried mushrooms could last over a year.

Airtight containers, such as mason jars, are a great way to store dried mushrooms. To further mitigate the risk of spoilage, storing the mushrooms along with a silica gel pack will absorb any surrounding moisture. 

Vacuum sealing dried mushrooms is another great way to store your mushrooms long term. Vacuum sealing will remove the air inside the bag before completely sealing shut. 

Once the mushrooms are in some sort of airtight container, it is best to store them somewhere dark and out of direct sunlight.

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About the Author: Tyler Johnson

What began as foraging for mushrooms deep in the woods as a child has graduated to growing mushrooms, eating, cloning, writing, and now spreading the love of mushrooms to the world.

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