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Mycology Glossary

An extract obtained from the cell walls of red algae. In mycology, it is used as a culture
medium.Planet Spores Malt extract mushroom agar powder

Swollen base (describing a mushroom stem).

Bulbous penis envy mushroom

The top part of a mushroom. Generally flat, convex, campanulate or conical in shape. Primary function of the cap is to protect the spore-producing surface underneath.magic mushroom cap

The period during the life cycle of fungi, before the fruiting stage, where mycelium grows throughout the substrate or other mediums such as grain or agar.

Mycelium colonizing rye grain

Any undesired foreign organism living on a growing medium (substrate, spawn, fruiting blocks, agar plates). Contamination is typically bacteria and often occurs due to improper sterile technique.

Contaminated mushroom grain spawn

The act of growing fungi, either indoors or outdoors.

mushroom Cultivation fruiting room

The content of water remaining in a soil after being saturated with water and after free drainage is negligible. Generally described as the state achieved after squeezing a handful of substrate with only a couple drops of water dripping out.

Mushroom substrate Field Capacity

The development of fruiting bodies in a quick succession. A “crop” of mushrooms. After harvesting a flush there is a resting period before the next flush.

Large flush of magic mushrooms in fruiting tub

A process of the reproductive stage where mycelium begins to produce mushrooms for the purpose of spore propagation.

The beginning of the mushroom fruiting phase

The part of fungi that grows above ground, a mushroom.

Mushroom fruiting body in hand

The conversion of spores from a dormant biological organism to one that grows vegetatively.Mushroom fruiting Germination cycle

Tiny structures layered side-by-side on the underside of a mushroom cap, with the primary function of producing and releasing billions of spores; also called hymenium.

Red mushroom gills

An air-tight apparatus which has two holes in the side where gloves are permanently attached to the rims of the holes. In mycology, it is used to keep contaminants out or keep fumes or infectious agents from escaping.

Mycology mushroom Glove Box

The process of inoculating grain by transferring fully colonized grain spawn to freshly sterilized grain for the purpose of exponential expansion.

Mushroom Grain to grain transfer

Microscopic long filamentous branches found in fungi, the developmental unit of mycelium.

Mushroom Hyphae

The process of introducing microorganism (spores/live culture/spawn) to an organism or substrate.

Spore syringe mushroom Inoculation

An enclosed workspace that uses HEPA filters and forced air to create a sterile workspace.

Mycology Laminar flowhood


An enclosed space used to mimic natural growing conditions for specific species/strains.

Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Permanent change in a gene.


The vegetative part of fungi which consists of vast, complex networks of cells that form thin white fibers.

Mushroom Mycelium

The study of fungi.


A species of very potent hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Panaeolus cyanescens magic mushrooms

Heat treating substrate to kill unwanted organisms while still keeping favorable organisms alive. The temperature range is 60°C to 80°C(140°F-175°F).

Mushroom Bulk substrate Pasteurization at large scale

A glass container consisting of a circular, flat dish with vertical sides, and a similar but slightly larger cover which fits over it. Standard equipment for the growth of microorganisms in pure culture.

Mushroom Petri Dish

Beginning of the mushroom fruiting stage, tiny fruiting bodies with caps the size of a pin.

Magic mushroom Pins-Pinning

A polyester fiber that resembles synthetic cotton – used as a gas exchange filter in mycology.


The stage before pinheads, the initial fruiting body.

Mushroom Primordium

A species of psychedelic mushroom (magic mushrooms) whose principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin.

Psilocybe cubensis psilocybin mushroom

Another active compound found in magic mushrooms alongside its counterpart psilocybin.

Psilocin molecule

A hallucinogenic compound that can be found in many species of psychedelic fungi such as Psilocybe cubensis.

Psilocybin molecule

A person who explores altered states of consciousness through the use of psychedelic drugs.


A ratio expressed as a percentage of the amount of moisture present relative to the amount that would be present if the air were saturated.

High Relative Humidity (RH) within mushroom fruiting room

Type of mycelium growth. Appears as a root-like mycelial strand composed of bunched parallel hyphae. Associated with strong and plentiful fruits.

Rhizomorphic mycelium

Whole grain form of rye with the hull removed.

Rye Berries mushroom grain spawn

Medium that has been overtaken by mycelium. Used to create more spawn via G2G or used to inoculate a substrate. Common spawn types are whole oats and rye berries.

Mycelium colonized mushroom grain spawn

Single-cell organisms that are released by mushrooms that have reached maturity. Similar to seeds/pollen of plants, allows for reproduction of the organism.

Spores under a microscope

Sterile syringe filled with sterilized water (usually distilled water) and mushroom spores.

Planet Spores magic mushroom Spore Syringe

The stipe of stalk of a mushroom with the primary function of elevating the cap to assist with wide dispersal of spores.

Wild mushroom Stem

Process of killing all live microorganisms. Can be done with by using a pressure canner/autoclave with temperatures reaching 121 degrees celsius (250F) for a defined period of time. Usually done before inoculation.

Sterilization pressure cooker

A specific genetic line considered to have common traits. Similar to humans having different types of races.

What is a mushroom strain

Dense mycelium growth that ceases fruiting. It could be triggered by environmental factors or from being exposed to petroleum-based fumes/chemicals.

Stroma mycelium

A medium(coco coir, straw, etc) that mycelium can use for nutrition and structure, then subsequently grow mushrooms on.

Planet spores mushroom fruiting Substrate

Type of mycelium growth. Cotton-ball-like appearance mycelium.

Tomentose mycelium

A common green pathogenic fungus (mold) that gains entry primarily through contaminated equipment and personnel.

Trichoderma contamination mold

The raised area in the center of a mushroom cap. Resembles a nipple.

Mushroom Umbo

A thin membrane that attaches the edge of a mushroom cap to the stem. The veil tears away from the cap once the mushroom reaches maturity, often leaving a partial veil hanging on the stem.

Mushroom Veil (Velum)