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Have question’s about magic mushrooms? We regularly post articles with information about growing mushrooms, how to guides and psilocybin news. Here are some of our latest articles.

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How to Successfully Buy & Maximize Your Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

People buy magic mushroom grow kits for two reasons; price and convenience.  What is meant by convenience? Well, throughout the mushroom growing cycle, there are several steps that require specialized equipment such as a pressure cooker, flow hood, mushroom bags, micro-pore tape, etc.  Furthermore, several steps are detail-oriented with little

Person using a microscope

How to Study Mushrooms and Spores Using a Microscope

The term ‘microscopy’ refers to using a microscope to study objects that cannot be seen with the human eye. Mushrooms and their spores are just one of the many organisms you can study using a microscope. With practice and the correct technique, mushroom microscopy allows us to visualize fungal spores

Mycology holding magic mushroom spore print

How to Make Mushroom Spore Prints – The Easy Way

Spore prints are essential to the mushroom growing process, their most important function is mushroom propagation, which is accomplished by introducing spores to a growing medium. Spore prints have other functions as well such as identifying different mushroom species and making decorative art. Making your own spore print is a

how to make a spore syringe planet spores featured image

A Comprehensive Guide to Using & Making Mushroom Spore Syringes

If growing mushrooms is important to you, knowing how to make a spore syringe is an essential skill to learn. Growing mushrooms is a long, tedious, but rewarding process, with many detail oriented steps. One of the first tasks in your journey is to inoculate a growing medium with mushroom

Magic mushroom fruiting in bag

Spawn Bag Tek | The Ultimate Guide To Fruiting Mushrooms In Bags

A mushroom spawn bag can be used as a small fruiting chamber, giving your mushrooms excellent fruiting conditions. The versatility of mushrooms allows for growth in many different environments. Whether you are limited on space or want to grow a wide array of mushrooms simultaneously, fruiting directly in mushroom spawn

Colonizing mushroom grain spawn jars from grain to grain transfer

Mushroom Grain To Grain Transfer

What Is A Grain To Grain Transfer Grain-to-grain transfer is a simple and efficient process where colonized grain spawn is transferred to newly sterilized grain spawn for the purpose of expedited colonization of grain spawn.  This process can be repeated over and over again, which could result in huge amounts

How To Make A Monotub Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

How To Make A Monotub Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

What is a Monotub? Monotubs are an all-in-one fruiting chamber that is not only used for fruiting mushrooms but is also used to mix mushroom spawn and bulk substrate. Monotubs are commonly made from a large clear plastic tub that has been modified with air holes. They are primarily used

The best method of storing magic mushrooms

How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Whether you just harvested from a grow kit, or just finished drying your mushrooms, chances are there will be some leftovers that will need to be stored. Considering the high water content of mushrooms, they do not have the longest shelf life. Correctly storing them will preserve the psilocybin compound

Dried magic mushrooms

Drying Mushrooms | Simple DIY Methods

If you don’t plan on consuming your entire flush within the first few days of harvesting, drying your mushrooms will ensure their potency is preserved and you can continue to enjoy them for months to come. Drying them as soon as possible will preserve the potency of your mushrooms. Mushrooms

dense flush of fruiting magic mushrooms

A Step by Step Guide to Growing Magic Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms may seem like a difficult task, but once the basics are understood, it is a simple, but rewarding process. Whether you are growing as a part-time hobby or want to start growing mushrooms as a business, most of the same basic principles apply.  In this guide, you will